:33 < smile purrty, equius!

[[ Please send more asks!! I’ll draw a reply or two tomorrow. c: ]]

:33 < nobody in purrticular!

:33 < *ac covers her mouth and giggles*

[[ Sorry for the absence! ]]

[[ Hey all you wonderful people! Wow, 17 followers in just a few days! You guys are all really great. I’m doing my best to stick to one upload per day, but I was visiting a friend recently and now I’m sick, so I may be a bit slow. I’ll upload another ask as soon as I can. Keep sending them! ]]

:33 < sure!!

[[ Thank you very much! <33 ]]

D —> No, I was not aware

D —> It was quite a shock

[[ Hey guys! This is my first ask blog and so bear with me if I do some dumb stuff, I’ll catch on quick, promise! Just toss in some asks and Equius and Nepeta with give you their reply. I wanna keep this blog SFW since it’s a pale blog, so just kinda keep that in mind a little bit! Thanks! ]]